Dung Nguyen

Dung Nguyen is one of Australias leading Vietnamese traditional musicians and is also a jazz guitarist. Among his instruments are the dan tranh, dan bau, dan nhi and dan nguyet all of which he learned from his grandfather continuing a tradition of many generations. In the last ten years he has become increasingly interested in contemporary western guitar traditions, and in the fusion of these with Vietnamese stringed instrument traditions.

He holds a Bachelor of Music (jazz guitar) from the Monash Conservatorium and in 2002 year he won their foundation prize. In addition to being a founding member of the internationally acclaimed cross-cultural ensemble, Way Out West, Dung regularly tours with a variety of Australian and international artists.

In 2009, Dung Nguyen and Peter Knight continued their collaboration, working on a duo project with the intention to develop unique approaches to combining Vietnamese and Western music elements in a contemporary setting, eventually blooming in what would become Residual.