Masonik is a multi-disciplined, multi-musician audiovisual performance collective. Masonik explores improvised, composed and visually constructed musical forms,through video collage, audio deconstruction and reinterpretation of old and new media narratives.

Each Masonik's performance presents an immersive audiovisual journey within each occupied performance space. The collective collaborates with musician & visual artists from a variety of musical styles, genres & cultures.

Masonik's live improvisations draw from a huge variety of sources including spoken word, world music and film. Musical references range from Arabic, Jewish, Greek, Indian and Pakistani, fused with jazz, blues & dub. Line-ups include - Decomposed Jazz, Raaga Adventures in Hindi-Dub, Rebetika In Dub, Ambient Descended Dub, Sculptural Ascended trio, Dubstep Submerged - the list will grow.

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