Foch l Delplanque - Live au GRM

Foch l Delplanque
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This live recording took place at Maison de la Radio et de la Musique - Studio 104 (Paris, France) on May 29 2016 as part of the Multiphonies concert series curated by INA l GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales).

Philippe Foch and Mathias Delplanque had previously collaborated in 2012 during the recording of Philippe’s Taarang album for the Signature label (Radio France) which led to a residency in 2015 at Césaré (National Center for Musical Creation in Reims, France) where they recorded the material of Secret, their debut album on Parenthèses Records (2017).

At the same time radical and extremely playful, this improvisation setting finds Foch and his ensemble of tablas, gongs, tambours, cymbals and stones right at the center, literally enjoying himself in playing with timbres without any pre-determination. Delplanque sits on his side, carefully sampling Foch in real time and pushing forward new timbral and rhythmic patterns for him to respond to.

"Foch & Delplanque have sketched out a personal language based on the variety of requested percussion and electronic textures founding a unique alloy that plays with the temporal. From mineral nuances to metallic friction, the percussion pulsates in all directions and flirts with the industrial idiom. The sound material is meticulously modeled there... a strange aesthetic challenge that opens up a disconcerting line of research, giving their duo the status of an authentic nugget of transversal avant-garde music. A penetrating, strange and beautiful music." (Festival Ars Musica)


Interview & live sequence -


Philippe Foch: tablas, gong, chinese cymbal, bowls, daf kurde, bass tom, stones.
Mathias Delplanque : live sampling and electronic treatments

Sound by Jérôme Tuncer
Mixed by Mathias Delplanque & Philippe Foch
Mastered by Norscq
Photograph and design layout by Alexis Courtin

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