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Music composed and recorded for the production FLOW by Compagnie Linga


Flow (2018) by Swiss-based contemporary dance Compagnie Linga is inspired by the astonishing performance of animal’s group movements, such as shoals of fish, flocks of birds or swarms of insects. These flexible and fluid formations, capable of instantaneously modifying their speed and direction without losing space coherence, question the laws of interactions that act the different members of a group and the coordination of their movements.

Invited by Compagnie Linga to compose a musical score and perform it live, KEDA created a mesmerizing soundtrack, in which E’Joung-Ju stirs up lively rhythms and melodic fragments of the Korean geomungo, like an electric bass, which Mathias Delplanque captures and mutates in ambient and noise collages, ensuring a hypnotic pull.


released December 6, 2022

E'Joung-Ju : geomungo
Mathias Delplanque: electronics

Written by KEDA
Recorded by Jonathan Marcoz
Edited & Mixed by Mathias Delplanque
Mastered by John Sellekaers

Design & layout by John Sellekaers
Produced by Parentheses Records & Compagnie Linga

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