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Posted On: 19th of May, 2022
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Before releasing SECRET in 2017, improviser and percussionist Philippe Foch & sound artist Mathias Delplanque recorded live at Maison de la Radio et de la Musique - Studio 104 in Paris as part of the "Multiphonies" concert series curated by INA l GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales).

The album will see the light in digital format next July. Head HERE for the teaser.


Posted On: 22nd of November, 2012
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Recorded over a weekend at a beach house overlooking the sea in Safety Bay - an idyllic and relaxed setting to record about twelve hours of raw material - the album testifies of the vivid interactions between plucked strings and winds, the rhythmic drive that propels the music and the coalescing of traditional influences with the improvisational energy of jazz.

As with all previous PR releases, Swiss-born visual artist Tom Mùller once again designed the beautiful digipak format, while the Daramad logo was conceptualised by Reza Mirzaei.

With all physical purchase comes the free digital download. Stream and order the album via our store HERE